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Noun1.gamma-interferon - a form of interferon that is produced by T cells and macrophages; involved in the activation of phagocytes
interferon - an antiviral protein produced by cells that have been invaded by a virus; inhibits replication of the virus
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Contract notice: Supply kits for the diagnosis of bovine tuberculosis by gamma-interferon method in 2015 and 2016.
4 Enhance your immune system: A study in the Netherlands showed that eating breakfast boosts our body's levels of gamma-interferon, an antiviral substance that activates immune cells.
Yet, studies have found that high gamma-interferon concentrations are frequently found in severe asthmatics' lungs.
She said Ireland was now using the gamma-interferon test in addition to the skin test in order to improve detection.
I asked for another test and also asked for gamma-interferon tests (blood tests) but I was refused.
RDP58 targets the TRAFYK complex, inhibiting the synthesis of TNF-alpha, gamma-interferon, IL-2 and IL-12 in various animal models through its crucial role in regulating the p38, JNK and IKK signal transduction pathways.
To help the industry cope with its rising TB problems Mr Morley has confirmed that more Temporary Veterinary Inspectors are being employed to reduce the TB backlog, while field trials are planned to test the efficiency of the new gamma-interferon blood test.
A team of scientists led by Dr Adrian Hodgson of CSIRO Animal Health has found that `adenoviruses' carrying a protein called gamma-interferon can stimulate an animal's immune system when introduced into cells lining the nose, eyes, lungs or stomach.
The patent also describes the enhancement of cellular immunity, involving T-lymphocytes, by combining the vaccine preparations with T-cell stimulants, such as interleukin-2 and gamma-interferon.

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