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gam·mon 1

A victory in backgammon reached before the loser has succeeded in removing a single piece.
tr.v. gam·moned, gam·mon·ing, gam·mons
To defeat in backgammon by scoring a gammon.

[Probably from Middle English gamen, gammen, game, from Old English gamen.]

gam·mon 2

 (găm′ən) Chiefly British
1. Misleading or nonsensical talk; humbug.
2. Gammon See Shelta.
v. gam·moned, gam·mon·ing, gam·mons
To deceive or mislead: "[He] gammoned a countryman out of a good round sum of money" (Charles Dickens).
To talk misleadingly or deceptively.

[Origin unknown.]

gam′mon·er n.

gam·mon 3

1. A cured or smoked ham.
2. The lower part of a side of bacon.

[Middle English gambon, from Old North French, from gambe, leg, from Late Latin gamba, hoof; see gambol.]

gam·mon 4

tr.v. gam·moned, gam·mon·ing, gam·mons
To fasten (a bowsprit) to the stem of a ship.

[Origin unknown.]
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At this unexpected answer, a hoarse murmur arose from the deputation; and the same gentleman who had expressed an opinion relative to the gammoning nature of the introductory speech, again made a monosyllabic demonstration, by growling out 'Resign!' Which growl being taken up by his fellows, swelled into a very earnest and general remonstrance.