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Having or designating a corolla with partially or wholly united petals.


(Botany) (of flowers) having petals that are united or partly united, as the primrose. Also: sympetalous Compare polypetalous


(ˌgæm əˈpɛt l əs)

(of a flower) having petals that are fused along the margins to form a tube.
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Adj.1.gamopetalous - having a corolla composed of partially or wholly fused petals forming a corolla shaped like a tube or funnel
petaled, petalled, petalous - (of flowers) having petals
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The creamish-white, gamopetalous corolla is composed of five petals which are proximally fused forming a 80-92 mm long and 2.
Corolla gamopetalous, tubular-campanulate, infundibuliform, campanulate or hypocrateriform, sometimes with bilabiate apex, aestivation imbricate, zygomorphic; stamens included or exserted, 4, rarely reduced to 2, didynamous, staminode reduced, glabro, rarely elongate and pilose; filaments adnate to the corolla at the base; anthers commonly divergent, generally glabrous, rarely pilose; pollen grains many, in monads, rarely in tetrads or polyads; nectariferous disk generally present; gynoecium bicarpellate, bilocular; ovary superior, multiovulate, placentation axial, stigma bilamelate, lobes sensitive (closing after contact with pollinator).