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or ga·nof also gon·if  (gä′nəf)
A thief, scoundrel, or rascal.

[Yiddish, from Hebrew gannāb, to steal; see gnb in Semitic roots.]
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(ˈɡɑːnəf) ,








an unscrupulous opportunist who stoops to sharp practice
[from Yiddish, from Hebrew gannābh thief, from gānnabh he stole]
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(ˈgɑ nəf)

also gonif

n. Slang.
a thief, swindler, crook, or rascal.
[1920–25; < Yiddish < Hebrew gannābh]
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Noun1.ganef - (Yiddish) a thief or dishonest person or scoundrel (often used as a general term of abuse)
Yiddish - a dialect of High German including some Hebrew and other words; spoken in Europe as a vernacular by many Jews; written in the Hebrew script
offender, wrongdoer - a person who transgresses moral or civil law
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Other Yiddish and Yiddish-inspired words in Mad included "borscht," "ganef," "bveebleftzer," "farshimmelt," "potrzebie" and "halavah." The word "Cowznofski" was another running joke often used in the early years of Mad, generally as a character's last name, often with the first name "Melvin."
Em 2007, o goleiro so poderia receber a bola, apos uma cobranca de meta, se ela tocasse no adversario ou que ela adentrasse o campo ofensivo de sua equipe (Ganef e colaboradores, 2009).
The weapon, also known as an SA-4 Ganef, was used by the Soviet army during their war in Afghanistan in 1979 and 1980.
We have Yiddish ganef, Judezmo ganav (Bunis item 894) and Judeo-Italian ganav or ganawe.
He did not call any of them a chazzer, chutzpenik, draikop, ganef, k'vatsh, nudnik, ongeblozzener, oysvurf, potzevateh, pustunpasnik, schmendrick, shikker, shlub, shmegegi, shmok, shnook, traifnyak, trombenik, yold, yukel, zhlob or zhulik (terms of endearment he apparently reserved for melt), and indeed Yale expressed the greatest respect and affection for those who engaged him in these rhetorical rhubarbs.
(14.) A unique depiction of this phenomenon appears in Fischel Bimko's Thieving America (Amerika Ganef, n.d.).
There were a number of parallel efforts launched aimed at producing mobile anti-aircraft missile systems for forward and rear echelon units, especially the development of the 2K11 Krug (SA-4 Ganef) and the 2K12 Kub (SA-6 Gainful).
Thus a ganav [the Hebrew word for thief] becomes a ganef in Yiddish and American English.
In this manuscript the "I" that narrates offers to the reader's scrutiny three examples of cinematographic scholarship: a screenplay, a teleplay, and a film treatment, using a Lucianesque approach to a dialogue that dwindles between long shots, full shots, the first few bars of a "musical score" by a certain Rubenstein, and contributions by (please, note the Yiddish allusions) a Choyzik Machen, the soundtrack of which is available on (note this also) Ganef Record$.
To this period belong the novels Kidesh hashem (1919) and Motke ganef (1916; Mottke the Thief) and the play Got fun nekome (1907; The God of Vengeance).
The SA-12A Gladiator is a replacement for the old SA-4 Ganef. Like the SA-10B it is mobile, but in this case tracked rather than wheeled vehicles are used.
No entanto, os goleiros apresentaram maiores medias de lesoes (6,7 por atleta), atualmente os goleiros de futsal participam em todos os momentos do jogo, exercem tanto funcoes ofensivas como defensivas, observamos isso claramente no estudo de Ganef e colaboradores (2009), esse pode ser um fator relacionado diretamente a estes resultados.