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A board or ramp used as a removable footway between a ship and a pier. Also called gangway.

[From gang, way (obsolete and dialectal).]


(ˈɡæŋˌplæŋk) ,




(Nautical Terms) nautical a portable bridge for boarding and leaving a vessel at dockside



a flat plank or small movable bridgelike structure for use by persons boarding or leaving a ship at a pier.
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Noun1.gangplank - a temporary bridge for getting on and off a vessel at docksidegangplank - a temporary bridge for getting on and off a vessel at dockside
footbridge, overcrossing, pedestrian bridge - a bridge designed for pedestrians
مَعْبَر إنْزال
lodní lávka
iskele tahtası


[ˈgæŋplæŋk] N (Naut) → plancha f


[ˈgæŋplæŋk] npasserelle fgang rape nviol m collectif


nLaufplanke f, → Landungssteg m


[ˈgæŋˌplæŋk] npasserella


(ˈgӕŋplӕŋk) noun
(also ˈgangway) a movable bridge by which to get on or off a boat.
References in classic literature ?
In fact, an hour earlier, as the Makambo's anchor was heaving out and while Captain Kellar was descending the port gangplank, Michael was coming on board through a starboard port-hole.
Some took him to the office and then to the ship, where he will not go aboard but halt at shore end of gangplank, and ask that the captain come to him.
He was in no friendly mood, when just at full tide, the thin man came up the gangplank again and asked to see where his box had been stowed.
He suddenly raised his eyes, but while she was preparing to rush up to him, they withdrew the gangplank.
He took her to a huge, old sailing ship moored in the Albert Dock, and she went up the gangplank with him, giggling.
This fabulous pirate ship includes a captain's cabin, gangplank, ship's wheel and two sails.
New Roads AS is now working with zoning for construction of the new E18, 4-lane highway from gangplank to Rugtvedt and where the existing Kjrholt- and Bamble tunnels will constitute northbound trace in this future highway.
We got our first Dreadnova skin, Gangplank, not to long ago and it seems Riot is really vibing with this space crusade theme.
Boy slipped from gangplank' A theory that an 11-year-old boy, "full of the adventure of the sea" who drowned in Briton Ferry docks, had slipped from a gangplank was advanced at the inquest at Neath yesterday.
In 1884, he walked down the gangplank into the New York Harbor with four cents in his pocket, a book of poems, a drawing of a flying machine, and a letter of introduction to Thomas Edison, the "electrical wizard" of America.