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 (găng′grēn′, găng-grēn′)
Death and decay of body tissue, often in a limb or digit, caused by insufficient blood supply to the affected area as a result of injury, infection, or disease, and commonly classified as wet (when bacterial infection is involved) or dry (when infection is not a significant factor).
tr. & intr.v. gan·grened, gan·gren·ing, gan·grenes
To affect or become affected with gangrene.

[Medieval Latin cancrēna, from Latin gangraena, gangrēna, from Greek gangraina.]

gan′gre·nous (găng′grə-nəs) adj.
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Adj.1.gangrenous - suffering from tissue death
unhealthy - not in or exhibiting good health in body or mind; "unhealthy ulcers"
مُغَنْغَر، مُصاب بالغَنْغَرينَه
der er gået koldbrand i
sem drep er í


[ˈgæŋgrɪnəs] ADJgangrenoso


[ˈgæŋgrɪnəs] adjgangreneux/eusegangsta rap gangster rap [ˌgæŋstəˈræp] ngangsta(-)rap m


adjbrandig, gangränös (spec)


[ˈgæŋgrɪnəs] adjin cancrena


(ˈgӕŋgriːn) noun
the decay of a part of the body of a living person, animal etc, because the blood supply to that part of the body has stopped.
ˈgangrenous (-grə-) adjective


a. gangrenoso, rel. a la gangrena.
References in classic literature ?
Then it reached them through the Press that they habitually flogged to death good revenue-paying cultivators who neglected to stop earths; but that the few, the very few who did not die under hippohide whips soaked in copperas, walked about on their gangrenous ankle-bones, and were known in derision as the Mudir's Cranes.
Gross pathology of the specimen demonstrated an enlarged gallbladder with diffusely hemorrhagic mucosa and areas of full thickness necrosis consistent with acute perforated gangrenous cholecystitis.
Delay in surgery in these cases due to any reason- delayed presentation or mistaken judgement leads to dreaded complications like gangrenous changes and perforation.
In the endoscopic examination of SV, endoscopic detorsion is performed if the bowels are viable, while emergency surgery is needed if the bowels are gangrenous.
Unloved by her family due to her appearance--her bottom half is a gangrenous rotting corpse--Hel spends her days coexisting with her brothers, the hateful serpent, Jormungand, and the vicious wolf, Fenrir.
It's extremely painful, surprisingly common and can lead to the testicle becoming gangrenous and being removed.
Our study showed acute gangrenous cholecystitis (GC) to be found in 9(2.
guts They gangrenous out bowel' What happened to me was very uncommon, and it's extremely rare for it to get so catastrophic, but my bowel had twisted round on itself, cut off its own blood supply and gone gangrenous.
Gangrenous cystitis: Case report and review of the literature.
Gangrenous mastitis, a rare form is reported scantly (Bhojne, 2000) that follows severe acute inflammation, with classical signs of heat, redness, swelling, pain, progression to necrosis with coldness of affected area, blue black discolouration, fluid exudation and crepitation which are histopathologically characterized as progressive swelling, vascular degeneration and focal erosion and ulceration that occur throughout the ductal system (Islam et al.
Deputy chairman Marinos Sizopoulos said being without a leader was a wound that had to be treated, lest it became gangrenous.
The advantage of the perineal procedure used in this case is that laparotomy can be avoided, which makes it suitable for high-risk patients and those with an incarcerated, strangulated or gangrenous prolapsed rectal segment.