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Noun1.gaolbird - a criminal who has been jailed repeatedly
criminal, crook, felon, malefactor, outlaw - someone who has committed a crime or has been legally convicted of a crime
سَجين، مُعتاد على الإجرام والسِّجْن
fangi, tugthúslimur



(dʒeil) noun
(a) prison. You ought to be sent to jail for doing that.
to put in prison. He was jailed for two years.
ˈjailer, ˈjailor, ˈgaoler noun
a person who has charge of a jail or of prisoners. The jailer was knocked unconscious in the riot.
ˈjailbird, ˈgaolbird noun
a person who is or has often been in jail.

to put a criminal in jail or gaol (not goal).
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Bola Ige, demoted from State governor to gaolbird, published his Detainee's Diary (1992) some years after his detention under the disciplinarian Buhari regime.
The British League of Active Gaolbirds (BLAG), perhaps.
Of the dormitories he informed his readers: The wretched gaolbirds had all gone to roost in their respective nests when I looked into some of the rooms.