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1. a person or thing that gapes
2. (Animals) any of various large marine bivalve molluscs of the genera Mya and Lutraria that burrow in muddy sand. M. arenaria is the American soft-shelled clam and the two species of Lutraria are the otter shells. The valves have a permanent gap at the hind end


(ˈgeɪ pər)

1. a person or thing that gapes.
2. a large clam, Tresus capax, common on gravelly beaches.
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So, bolstered by this mark of Government homage, the wonderful Bank and all the other wonderful undertakings went on and went up; and gapers came to Harley Street, Cavendish Square, only to look at the house where the golden wonder lived.
And when they saw the Chief Butler looking out at the hall-door in his moments of condescension, the gapers said how rich he looked, and wondered how much money he had in the wonderful Bank.
Germain; he stopped them to offer his compliments upon their appointments, which in an instant drew round them a hundred gapers.
It is true that nothing was ever less curious on the score of architecture than the worthy gapers of the Middle Ages, and that they cared very little for the beauty of a pillory.
A piece of the hull weighing 17 tons has been wrestled to the surface and put on show and has already attracted thousands of gapers.
1 million impressions each month, also includes our sister publication, Catalyst Chicago, as well as the Beachwood Reporter, Center Square Journal, Chicago News Cooperative, Community Media Workshop, Edgeville Buzz, Evanston Now, Gapers Block, Local Tourist, Mindful Metropolis, Neighborhood Parents Network, Reel Chicago, Roscoe View Journal and Windy Citizen.
Gapers (Champsodontidae) constitute a family of small bony fishes of tropical and subtropical IndoPacific origin (Nelson 2006; Nemeth 1994).
Puget Sound is a hot spot for geoducks, while gapers, a geoduck relative, can be dug up and down the west coast.
The company said that during the preceding exclusive option period with Patobios, it had optimised the assay technology, enabling its use for high-throughput identification of compounds for drug development against orphan Gapers.