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 (gāp′wûrm′, găp′-)
A nematode worm (Syngamus trachea) that infects the trachea of certain birds and causes gapes.


(Animals) a parasitic nematode worm, Syngamus trachea, that lives in the trachea of birds and causes gapes in domestic fowl: family Syngamidae


(ˈgeɪpˌwɜrm, ˈgæp-)

a nematode, Syngamus trachea, that causes gapes.
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Last September, I worked very well with you readers to unveil the gapeworm crisis in chickens in the country after doing the first article on the parasite.To date, I still get reports of the worm from different parts of the country.
Gapeworm (Syngamus trachea) infection was suspected by the owner, who treated the duck with oral ivermectin at an unknown dose before presentation.
nasicola belong to the family Syngamidae that contains the gapeworm of birds, S.
His observations were more like gapeworm infestation.