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Noun1.garbage hauler - someone employed to collect and dispose of refusegarbage hauler - someone employed to collect and dispose of refuse
hauler, haulier - a haulage contractor
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Your garbage hauler is also on the hook, because state inspectors begin audits at waste disposal facilities and then try to trace the violation back to the hauler and ultimately to the person who owns the business that's throwing all of its cardboard or lead-acid batteries in the trash.
Your municipal office or your garbage hauler can help you.
Marie Disposal, a local garbage hauler, and made the jump into waste management.
Most medical establishments, such as hospitals, clinics, or physicians' offices, do not dispose of trash or biological material directly by taking it to a landfill, but use a contractor, such as a garbage hauler. Under HIPAA regulations, you would need to have a business-associate agreement with the contractor that would provide for maintaining the confidentiality of the materials transferred to that company.
1 garbage hauler, had beaten earnings expectations in the second quarter by asking investors to ignore a number of "unusual expenses." These included $1 million to repaint its fleet of 33,000 garbage trucks, plus $30 million in consulting fees.
Post-collection separation leaves the job to your garbage hauler. Local Law 19 requires local carters to separate recyclables from trash if their customers choose not to.
My salary would be $23,000--about $3,000 less than a first-year city garbage hauler would earn.
Five months after President Duterte launched a brutal war on drugs in 2016, Ronaldo Morales, a garbage hauler, was killed during a police operation in Quezon City.
The city already collects a fee from its garbage hauler, equivalent to $3 a month per customer, for hazardous waste disposal.
"Those who confirmed yesterday [Friday] are 90 groups from schools, NGOs [non government organizations], associations, and government agencies with 8,351 volunteers, while 700 are from Manila City Hall and garbage hauler personnel.
Lewis County's largest garbage hauler clearly has some concerns about the county's new solid waste law featuring a clear-bag provision.