garbage man

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Noun1.garbage man - someone employed to collect and dispose of refusegarbage man - someone employed to collect and dispose of refuse
hauler, haulier - a haulage contractor
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"If you kill the dog it'll cost you a dollar to the garbage man to get rid of the carcass," the manager took up.
The only welcome noise I want to hear next is the pot-pot horn of the garbage man, and my response to that would always be, 'take them please!'
Markham was a longtime garbage man for several disposal companies and retired after many years with BFI.
A father of three, Victoria gets up at 3am in the morning and heads out to the streets of Panama City, where he works as a garbage man. Now, for the next few weeks, he is a match official at the football World Cup in Russia.
A garbage man's job is tough, demanding and underappreciated that could make anyone feel beaten and demeaned.
A Palestinian can't work as a garbage man under the Lebanese government -- a garbage man that cleans up the citizens' trash!
It's become something of an urban legend: The garbage man who dumps all the carefully separated recyclables in with the trash.
Then there was Hull FC winger Feluti Talanoa who played 95 NRL games for Rabbitohs before quitting and working as a garbo (Aussie for garbage man) before heading to Super League.
According to a report by New York Post, three workers - Helen Whitehurst, a Staten Island University Hospital dispatcher; Ronnie Allen, a Greyhound bus driver and Michael Dellegrazie, a would-be city garbage man - registered lawsuits in recent months as they lost their jobs due to the condition.
JEDDAH: One would think that no one really wants to be a garbage man, as the job entails handling things that most people do not wish to see, touch or smell.
She saw a young garbage man standing on the back of the truck, his hair rustling freely in the wind, and immediately jumped out of bed to begin writing.
"With all due respect to the garbage man but if he works in the judiciary he will be depressed and will not be able to continue," Saber said, eventually adding that the garbage collector should work in another "suitable" job.