garbage pickup

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Noun1.garbage pickup - the collection and removal of garbagegarbage pickup - the collection and removal of garbage
pickup - the act or process of picking up or collecting from various places; "garbage pickup is on Mondays and Thursdays"
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Arlington Heights officials have launched a digital notification system that will allow residents to get alerts about everything from emergencies in their neighborhood to delays in garbage pickup.
So make a charitable donation or simply clear away the clutter in time for your next garbage pickup. The things that don't have "a place" in your environment may need to go away.
Touma says the administration is currently in negotiations with Modern Disposal to try and get something more in garbage pickup for residents as part of the new fee.
Private garbage pickup services also halted collection of plastic bags and plastic foam containers as it has become difficult to profit due to China's plastic waste ban.
My friends and I started the garbage pickup squad at our school to show the younger kids that it was cool to help the earth.
The system required residents to pay extra fees for garbage pickup on their monthly electricity bills, depending on where they live.
Make sure your garbage pickup will take it to a recycling center rather than adding it to a landfill.
My wife and I gather bagged pine straw and leaves left at the side of the road for garbage pickup. (Huntsville, our hometown, doesn't have a garden-waste compost program yet.) We use the discarded pine needles to help us establish and maintain walking paths.
It does not receive tax dollars, rather operating through its fees for garbage pickup.
Bruce Walker, who manages the city of Portland's solid waste and recycling program, said the launch of the pilot program included a big change to the pickup schedule: moving garbage pickup to every other week from weekly, and changing yard waste - with the new food waste - pickup to weekly from every other week.
The lack of reliable basic services in the country, including water, electricity, and garbage pickup, has a long history that was exacerbated by the civil war, the subsequent political settlements, and periodic Israeli military strikes.