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In a word, as the whole relation is carefully garbled of all the levity and looseness that was in it, so it all applied, and with the utmost care, to virtuous and religious uses.
How Dusarian emissaries had found employment in important posts in the foreign offices of the three great nations, and how, through these men, messages from one jeddak to another were altered and garbled until the patience and pride of the three rulers and former friends could no longer endure the humiliations and insults contained in these falsified papers--not any of this he knew.
Some of them he omits, doubtless as incredible, but others he retains, often in a form where the impossible is merely garbled into the unintelligible.
At last they told her, or told her such a garbled story as people in difficulties tell.
Steene sent for the mince-pies, and, I am grieved to add, garbled her household accounts in order to conceal the fact from her husband.
I, for my part, could not but examine the life-preserver with which I had once smitten Raffles himself to the ground: actually, there was his blood upon it still; and seeing my horror, the clerk plunged into a characteristically garbled version of that incident also.
But in one place he dealt with, and I quote his words, "the industrial and social revolution that is taking place in society." A reporter present seized upon the word "revolution," divorced it from the text, and wrote a garbled account that made Emil Gluck appear an anarchist.
Of course, we will get the same garbled gobbledygook that we had during the decimalisation, when overnight we lost 40 pence in the pound and out came the rubbish that some companies would round down whereas others would round up.
Fellow pundit Ian Wright got himself tangled up as he gave his garbled reaction to France's penalty-that-really-shouldn'thave been-given.
Featuring colorful video game artwork and screenshots on every page, All-Time Gaming Records is an exciting tour of records set in the world of video games - from a glimpse into "speedrunning" communities who compete to finish a specific game in the smallest amount of time, to jockeying for high scores, battling in fighting game tournaments, legendary efforts to reach the "kill screen" (when the game reaches such a high level that its code produces errors and a garbled display) in classic games like Pac-Man or Donkey Kong, and much more.
Unfortunately, a few of the details were garbled in the announcement.
A nasty, repetitive, grisly and garbled work where nothing is more alarming than Franco's 1980s-style stringy moustache.