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The study of a society or culture by examining or analyzing its refuse.

gar·bol′o·gist n.


(Sociology) the study of the contents of domestic dustbins to analyse the consumption patterns of households
[C20: from garb(age) + ology]
garˈbologist n
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Noun1.garbology - the study of a society by analyzing its garbage
cultural anthropology, social anthropology - the branch of anthropology that deals with human culture and society
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An example that gives an idea of the amount of nets lost in the ocean is offered by Edward Humes in his book Garbology. He says three thousand nets are estimated to be loose in Washington's Puget Sound--a body of water well known as a habitat for large numbers of marine animals.
When teaching a class called Garbology, the science and study of garbage, Ebaugh often tells students that garbage tells the story.
From the EcoAdventures Garbology Kids series, "We Can Reduce: Precycle It!" is a recipient of the Mom's Choice Awards as "among the best in family-friendly media, products and services." Readers follow the eco-education of Shamina and friends in environmental management of landfill.
Ao inaugurar a arqueologia do lixo ou "garbology" o autor contribuiu nao apenas para aspectos teoricos da disciplina, mas tambem para um campo de pesquisa efervescente nos anos 1970: a etnoarqueologia.
Y utilizo los objetos hallados como base para escribir articulos que se condensaron en un libro My life in garbology".
Edward Humes is a frequent contributor to Sierra and the author of Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair With Trash (Penguin, 2012).
Food education is part of the educational experience here, including garbology: following every meal, the students weigh the waste after everything compostable is removed.