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Noun1.Garden spider - a spider common in European gardensgarden spider - a spider common in European gardens
spider - predatory arachnid with eight legs, two poison fangs, two feelers, and usually two silk-spinning organs at the back end of the body; they spin silk to make cocoons for eggs or traps for prey
Aranea, Araneus, genus Aranea, genus Araneus - a genus of orb-weaving spiders including common garden spiders and barn spiders
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It's a garden spider, sometimes called a garden cross spider, which has built a web and is trying to trap any remaining flying insects before the onset of winter.
aurantia, or just aurantia for short, but this species goes by several common names -- garden spider, black-and-yellow Argiope, writing spider and, for some reason, only in our area, it's known as the banana spider.
"We succeeded in producing a recombinant silk protein from the European garden spider," Scheibel says.
Garden spider. Ben said: " I took this image on a particularly nice morning, with a heavy dew exposing the deadly silken insect traps."
excelsa is a common Indian garden spider which it would not be unreasonable to find on the UAE's East Coast.
In magical, surprising spreads, a garden spider hangs from a leaf, its web a delicate backdrop, and a honeybee surveys its complex comb.
Even the common cross or garden spider (araneus diadematus) has been accused of attack.
21) or that "the European Cave Spider (Meta menardi) consumes only one-eighth the oxygen of a similarly-sized Garden Spider" (p.
Araneus sp.; Black and yellow garden spider, Argiope auraentia Lucas; Borrowing wolf spiders, Gelycosa spp.; Thin-legged wolf spiders, Pardosa spp., and two un-determined Trap-door spiders of the family Ctenisidae.
He did this by casting a large garden spider that had been resident under my living room window in my direction without warning.
The most studied spider silks come from the golden silk spider, Nephila clavipes, and the European garden spider, Araneus diadematus.