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n. pl. gar·ga·neys
A small migratory duck (Anas querquedula) that breeds in Eurasia and has a white stripe over each eye.

[Popularized as a name for the species after being mentioned by Conrad Gesner in his Historiae Animalium, from Lombard (dialect of the Swiss canton of Ticino) gargenei, a diminutive formation (probably making reference to its feeding by skimming rather than dabbling or to the male's distinctive rattling call like a guiro or washboard) akin to Italian garganella in bere a garganella, to take a continuous drink by holding a bottle high and pouring it into the mouth, and Old Italian garganello, throat, both probably ultimately from dissimilation of earlier *gargalella, diminutive of *gargala, throat, from Late Latin gargala, trachea, from a root *garg-, throat, imitative of gargling (compare Greek gargareōn, uvula, trachea).]


(Animals) a small Eurasian duck, Anas querquedula, closely related to the mallard. The male has a white stripe over each eye
[C17: from Italian dialect garganei, of imitative origin]
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Noun1.garganey - small Eurasian tealgarganey - small Eurasian teal      
teal - any of various small short-necked dabbling river ducks of Europe and America
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Autumn migration brought a Garganey, Greenshank and young Redstarts to RSPB Conwy.
During a targeted surveillance for avian influenza viruses (AIVs) conducted in migratory birds by Community Animal Health Outreach (CAHO) program on November 24, 2016, we collected 19 oropharyngeal and cloacal swab samples from diseased (mild depression) and dead migratory birds (common coot, Fulica atra; pintail ducks, Anas acuta; and Garganey ducks, A.
World Migratory Bird Day cites seven flagship species: barn swallow, black-tailed godwit, Amur falcon, garganey, yellow-breasted bunting, red knot, and spoon-billed sandpiper.
Botulism has since been reported for various bird species in Brazil including geese and garganey, and high-mortality outbreaks have been reported in turkeys, guinea fowl, broiler chickens, ducks, and wild birds kept in captivity (SCHOKEN-ITURRINO et al.
Many water bird species, including Garganey and Ruff spend the winter in the Sahel wetlands before returning to breed in Europe.
The 2013 census identified 14 migratory species including little egrets, intermediate egrets, great egrets, gray heron, common teal, northern shoveler, tufted duck, common kingfishers, common sandpiper, wood sandpiper, northern pintail, garganey, whiskered tern and the eagle-like eastern marsh harrier.
com> Wood Duck, Mandarin, Green Wing Teal, Blue Wing Teal, Falcated Teal, Cinnamon Teal, Baikal Teal, Garganey Teal, Pintail, RedHead, White Redhead, Silver Redhead, Goldeneyes, Hooded Merganser, Ring Teal, Mallards, Smews, Tufted, Greater Scaup, Ring Neck, Ruddy, Canvasback, Common Merganser, Red Breasted Geese, Emperor Geese.
All manner of plants and flowers bloom in the walled wildlife garden and species such as the common tern, rare ducks, such as a water rail garganey and the impressive great crested grebe can all be seen on the reserve at this time of year.
TYNE SHIPPING MOVEMENTS Arrivals Date/Time Name From To 0812 0845 Princess Seaways Ijmuiden RoRo 3 0812 1200 Brilliant Ace Rotterdam TCT 1 0812 1200 City of Sunderland Hanko TCT3 0812 1530 Galicia Barcelona RoRo 4 Sailings Date/Time Name From To 0812 1159 Olympic Triton N'brian Quay Sea 0812 1159 Garganey TBT Sea 0812 1430 Nordic Ace TCT 2 Ustluga 0812 1700 Princess Seaways RoRo 3 Ijmuiden 0912 0100 Galicia RoRo 4 Sheerness
garganey Anas querquedula in western Europe), or directly on the breeding grounds in northern Europe that are unsuitable as duck habitats during the non-breeding periods (see e.
These include Pintail, Gadwall, Garganey Teal, and Russian Coot," said forest department official Sanjeev Kuril.
1) Garganey meat, "of a darker color", however of easy digestion such as that of the hen and the turkey, being, however, "of more substance", should never be consumed after eight to ten months, "to obtain a delicate meat".