garlic sauce

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Noun1.garlic sauce - garlic mayonnaisegarlic sauce - garlic mayonnaise      
sauce - flavorful relish or dressing or topping served as an accompaniment to food
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The spaghetti verdure, broccoli, courgette, onion and tomatoes in an oil and garlic sauce, was a lovely, light dish, perfect for summer, while the penne funghi's mushrooms were complemented by red onion and mixed peppers in a tomato sauce.
Add the chicken stock, lemon grass and chili garlic sauce. Simmer until chicken pieces are opaque and sauce is absorbed by the meat.
Priced at AED110 per person, diners can pick from Lentil, Lamb or Chicken Clear Soup; Hot or Cold Mezzeh and Grilled Fish Hara Sauce with Vermicelli Rice; Lamb Biryani, Vegetables Raita, Pickle and Papad; Oriental Mixed Grilled with Garlic Sauce for the main course.
We decided to go for tapas and between us we had champinones con tocino (pan fried button mushrooms with smoked bacon and white wine garlic sauce, PS4.95), croquestas (homemade fishcakes in a sweet chilli sauce, PS4.95), albondigas (meatballs made from pork mince, PS5.25), and pinchos (chicken and chorizo kebabs with a chilli salsa, PS5.95).
Garlic bread with cheese, meat feast pizza, chips and garlic sauce.
Offering food with an interpretation of ever evolving culture, traditions, cuisines and histories of both countries, ChaoBella will offer staples of Chinese cuisine such as spinach tofu in garlic sauce, Chinese greens' stir fried French beans, shredded chicken, slow cooked lamb shank, braised lamb shank flavored with Asian spices stir fried tenderloin and many more.
One (story) garlic sauce bear repeating let Being fairly central, people would often drop in at the front office with the most extraordinary stories.
* Make healthy and nutritious snacks like chilli garlic brown fried rice sauteed vegetables and grilled chicken with the fiery and tangy chilli garlic sauce which can help to lower the cholesterol level because of the antioxidant properties in garlic.
From among the gravies, I had individual servings of crispy beef, Szechuan chicken, fish in garlic sauce and sweet and sour prawns.
To serve, you just need some shredded lettuce, shredded cabbage, chilli sauce, garlic sauce (check out my top tip) and either warm pitta bread or wraps.
FOOD Only Nigella would call a spiced lamb kofta with garlic sauce an 'informal' dish.