garment cutter

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Noun1.garment cutter - someone who cuts cloth etc. to measure in making garments
cutter - someone whose work is cutting (as e.g. cutting cloth for garments)
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Morris drops out of school and becomes an apprentice for a garment cutter. Sol becomes an accountant, and Harold finds an easy way to receive large sums of money by working with mobster Louis Buchalter.
In addition to edited patterns from The Delineator, Peterson's Magazine, and National Garment Cutter, Bustle Fashions 1885-1887 also reproduces in its entirety a period text on home-sewing methods which serves as an excellent resource for interpreting some of the style variations depicted.
Previously, he had worked as a garment cutter for Anthony Roberts Rainwear, Milford, for many years and then as a machinist for several years at the Whitin Machine Works, Whitinsville.