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Noun1.garment worker - a person who makes garmentsgarment worker - a person who makes garments    
cloakmaker, furrier - someone whose occupation is making or repairing fur garments
dressmaker, needlewoman, seamstress, sempstress, modiste - someone who makes or mends dresses
needleworker - someone who does work (as sewing or embroidery) with a needle
outfitter - someone who sells men's clothes
stitcher - a garmentmaker who performs the finishing steps
sartor, seamster, tailor - a person whose occupation is making and altering garments
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My mother was a garment worker who did "homework." She used to go to a store that made shirts, and she would take work home.
The Whitewashing campaign follows similar campaigns launched to raise awareness of garment worker conditions who provide clothing sold in GAP stores and anti-child labour campaigns launched against India.
This year, garment worker advocates are trying again to pressure Wilson and the California Assembly.
A garment worker and student, thilakshmi, who benefitted from this scheme and secured high grades, told camerapersons that she could study further only because her father availed this opportunity.
"Our backs are against the wall, so we don't have any alternative unless we raise our voice strongly," Nazma Akter, president of the United Garments Workers' Federation, which groups 52 garment worker's groups, told the peaceful protest.
On Friday, garment worker Reshma Begum was found alive in the rubble, having survived after finding dry food and water in the wreckage.
The basic minimum monthly salary of a garment worker is a mere $25.
Through Americanization, and in particular the imposition of American gender norms, the Jewish immigrant garment worker could be trained to accept the "manual work which falls his lot." (39) As Bender neglects to point out, German Jews played a major role in the garment industry in this period.
Find more information by contacting the Garment Worker Center at (213) 380-8813, or online at
Hasina giving cheque to a garment worker yesterday.
The GMAC statement came after tens of thousands of garment workers in various factories have gone on strike since Wednesday, a day after the government decided to raise a monthly minimum wage for a garment worker to 95 U.S.
As illustrated in Figure 5, garment creation and distribution are controlled by a series of intermediaries between the garment worker and the consumer.