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Excessive talkativeness; loquaciousness.


(gəˈru lɪ ti)

the quality of being garrulous; talkativeness.
[1575–85; < French garrulité < Latin garrulitās. See garrulous, -ity]
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Noun1.garrulity - the quality of being wordy and talkative
communicativeness - the trait of being communicative
leresis - rambling talkativeness (especially in the aged)
ثَرْثَرَه، كَثْرَة الكَلام
málæîi, mælgi, kjaftæîi


[gəˈruːlɪtɪ] Ngarrulidad f



(ˈgӕrələs) adjective
fond of talking. a garrulous old man.
ˈgarrulously adverb
garˈrulity (-ˈruː-) noun
ˈgarrulousness noun
References in classic literature ?
His love of conversation, his affection, his indifference to riches, even his garrulity, are interesting traits of character.
The old men, of whom there were many in the vale, seldom stirred from their mats, where they would recline for hours and hours, smoking and talking to one another with all the garrulity of age.
I was left some minutes in the oppressively silent hall, shaken, startled, ashamed of my garrulity, aching to get away.
It expresses the garrulity of the sea, and is a pleasant break in the monotony of the life.
His talk was an odd mixture of almost boyish garrulity and of the reserve and discretion of the man of the world, and he seemed to Newman, as afterwards young members of the Latin races often seemed to him, now amusingly juvenile and now appallingly mature.
His garrulity was an instant arrested; for lifting his eyes, he saw what no one else saw--the black figure of Dr Oman standing on the sunlit lawn and looking steadily into the room.
Tarzan had come to look with contempt upon the blacks, principally because of their garrulity.
With the confidential garrulity of a man who has dined too well, he plunged into his darling topic, and I looked past him at the clock.
It was the most charming garrulity he had ever heard.
Of all descriptions, "garrulous" seems the most suitable to describe Cantwell, the novel's protagonist--and the "atomic bomb" appears as part of his garrulity.
They were also known for their garrulity, and Lear's putative prison will be awash in orality.
Since each of these nouns except garrulity includes an element of unhappiness, we can add unhappiness to the ills of the aged.