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 (găr′ə-ləs, găr′yə-)
1. Given to excessive and often trivial or rambling talk; tiresomely talkative.
2. Wordy and rambling: a garrulous speech.

[From Latin garrulus, from garrīre, to chatter.]

gar′ru·lous·ly adv.
gar′ru·lous·ness n.
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Noun1.garrulousness - the quality of being wordy and talkative
communicativeness - the trait of being communicative
leresis - rambling talkativeness (especially in the aged)
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det at have det i munden
málæîi, mælgi, kjaftæîi


[ˈgærʊləsnɪs] Ngarrulidad f
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[ˈgærʊləsnɪs] nloquacità
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(ˈgӕrələs) adjective
fond of talking. a garrulous old man.
ˈgarrulously adverb
garˈrulity (-ˈruː-) noun
ˈgarrulousness noun
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The APC, symptomised by the garrulousness of Oshiomhole, is forgetting the kernel of legislative rule that the choice of principal officers of the National Assembly is a key constitutional function to be made by the Senate and House of Representatives themselves and not any political party, ruling or minority, or the executive of Buhari.
The hounding of Indian media and the gall of Indian celebrities on social media depicted the tendency of these actors to highlight their garrulousness. The impact of social media with its perceptions of top trends and viral videos also cements the facts that any new conflict will have another extension, a certain theatrical quality.
"He has that little bit of swagger, that bit of West coast garrulousness which gives the message 'I am a good player, just give me the ball and I will do what I do.'" ."
"He has that little bit of swagger, that bit of West coast garrulousness that gives the message 'I'm a good player, just give me the ball and I'll do what I do'."
One minister whose garrulousness is passed as being 'out spoken' even as it is always short of credibility said he was against executions as it went against his conscience.
Whatever the origin of this aversion--Jason Wilson speculates, not unconvincingly, that his "scorn for wealth and luxury" is in part "inherited" (22) (5)--it is a fact that all forms of opulence and excess, from garrulousness to wealth, from loudness to flamboyance, are vulgar in Borges's value system as it is revealed through his essays and fiction.
Despite Jaitley's garrulousness, however, Goel runs the ministry.
The story of Ernest's declining health is painful to read about, and in his last years Mary served as a caretaker to a paranoid and alcoholic partner beset by garrulousness both in conversation and writing.
"Newcastle is a great city, founded on the technological and engineering innovations of men such as George Stephenson and Lord Armstrong, and if at times it seems to hide its highest achievements beneath garrulousness and laughter, that's because nobody here is seeking veneration - they just want people to enjoy themselves as much as they do."
(16.) Craun rightly states that men were associated with "violent types of speech," such as blasphemy, while women were associated with "transgressive forms of garrulousness." However, Craun includes slander in women's types of speech (along with loquacity and lies), even though he underlines how serious and violent a crime slander was as it threatened social stability (The Hands of the Tongue, introduction xiii-xiv).
Other characters are much more engaging and multifaceted, like Eleanor's husband, Colin, a gourmet home cook who endures Lily's draining episodes with his nonstop provisioning of the home and camp larders; or Jim, whose garrulousness and optimism belie an arsenal of wilderness skills.
As played by Oscar Isaac, Davis shares Van Ronk's storied indignation and some biographical details but not the interpretive growl or social garrulousness; Isaac's charisma is more brooding and, in the manner of many performers, he only becomes personable, even charming, when he has an audience.