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Noun1.gas furnace - a furnace that burns gasgas furnace - a furnace that burns gas    
furnace - an enclosed chamber in which heat is produced to heat buildings, destroy refuse, smelt or refine ores, etc.
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Consumer was found using gas in wire straightening factory by installing gas furnace,' the spokesman said.
If you have an old gas furnace, is it a good idea to have a humidifier attached to it?
About 39 percent of respondents reported having an electric heat pump or furnace, 23 percent reported floor, wall or other built-in, hot-air units, and 22 percent reported having a natural gas furnace. For utility billing, 57 percent of respondents paid separately for their heat, 82 percent paid for electricity separately, and 28 percent of respondents paid for water independently of rent.
The unit was heated by a natural gas furnace. After repeated repair efforts over more than a month, including furnace replacement, carbon monoxide readings in the apartment did not return to normal until a faulty flue was corrected in the buildings attic.
However, ( Fox affiliate KSAZ-TV quoted Ponderosa Fire Chief Lee Antonides as saying that it was possible to smell a leak from a propane gas furnace.
We concentrate on natural gas furnace retrofits, since these are both a major source of potential energy efficiency improvements as well as being relatively homogeneous, which facilitates analysis.
Karen Lee Boyd Living Trust, 2549 31St St; "Replace Existing Gas System With 3.5 Ton Gas Furnace And Air Conditioner Karen Boyd- 541-736-0809; $14,299.
And then get rid of the gas furnace and go with a heat pump.
He also pointed out that, depending on the brand and how often regular maintenance is performed, the average life expectancy of a gas furnace is 12 years.
When outdoor conditions reach the threshold of current air-source heat pumps and traditionally back-up heating is required in the form of inefficient electric resistance heating or a natural gas furnace; the CCHP engages the low stage compressor and economizing loop to increase the heating capacity.
These alternatives could result in higher operating costs and higher energy consumption than an 80% gas furnace when electric generation and transmission losses are counted.
Selectmen said they likely will consider adding to the project chemically stripping the paint on the front of the building, putting new windows in a section of basement offices and whether to repoint or tear down a large brick chimney that won't be needed if the heating system is changed from oil to a more efficient natural gas furnace.