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Noun1.gas gauge - gauge that indicates the amount of gasoline left in the gasoline tank of a vehiclegas gauge - gauge that indicates the amount of gasoline left in the gasoline tank of a vehicle
fuel system - equipment in a motor vehicle or aircraft that delivers fuel to the engine
gauge, gage - a measuring instrument for measuring and indicating a quantity such as the thickness of wire or the amount of rain etc.
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Check the gas gauge: New cars are sold with a full tank of gas.
It would be foolish to get into a car on a bitterly cold day and drive from Anchorage to Fairbanks without headlights, a speedometer, a gas gauge, or warning lights for oil pressure and engine temperature.
Like the warning light on your gas gauge, those feelings are a signal to take a break and get a snack.
When we blew past the Adel city limits on the Way to Des Moines, the banker, who was riding shotgun, noted the gas gauge. "Only a quarter left," he said.
"We could control steering, braking, acceleration to a certain extent, seat belts, lights, horn, speedometer, gas gauge," said Valasek.
“The losses consumers experience on a daily basis returning rental cars full, when in reality upon pick-up, the gas gauge only appeared to be full or the dollar amount needed to reach the targeted gas amount is over estimated.
I didn't panic when our gas gauge neared empty and I realized we were still 30 miles from another town.
Tape measures, rulers, graphs, the gas gauge in your car, and the icon on a digital device showing battery power; the number line is everywhere.
In the early 1900s, farmers used a gas gauge to measure the volume of gas in a vehicle's gas tank.
If this still sounds a bit abstract, then just imagine that a policeman pulls you over, glances at your gas gauge, and declares, "You have a full tank of gas, so I'm giving you a speeding ticket." Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?
She drove like a tank, had a broken gas gauge, and when parked, tended to drift if I didn't put bricks behind, her rear tires.