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And jurors at Newcastle Crown Court heard yesterday how a 7.56mm Mauser pistol wrapped in material was found in the front passenger footwell and a 9mm converted gas gun on a rear seat.
Unlike the vast majority of semiauto scatterguns, the Benelli is not a gas gun. The Benelli operates on what the Italians call an "inertia operating system," a variation of the classic delayed blowback action.
Since the chamber of a gas gun collects propellant fouling and debris at a much higher rate, I believe it is best to seat bullets no closer than .020 inch off the rifling.
Not all of the difference in recoil can be attributed to differences in their operating systems because, as I have already said, the typical gas gun is heavier than the typical recoil gun, and the extra weight probably dampens about as much recoil as the gas operation.
They attacked him with a gas gun normally used by builders to fire 3.3in nails into wood.
Remington introduced its first gas gun, the Sportsman-58, in 1956, and its streamlined styling was a sign of even better things to come.
gas gun that tamed recoil to 12 gauge levels and hunters began taking a second look at the mighty shell.
They attacked him with a gas gun normally used by constructors to fire 3.3in nails into wood.
"Then for absolutely no reason at all this third guy jumped out and shot us with a tear gas gun straight into our faces.