gas heat

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Noun1.gas heat - heating system that burns natural gas
heating plant, heating system, heating, heat - utility to warm a building; "the heating system wasn't working"; "they have radiant heating"
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SCHWANK, a world leading manufacturer of gas-fired radiant heaters, reports it has introduced high energy efficiency Gas Heat Pumps (GHPs) into its product range.
International Resource News-September 12, 2016--Air Products to commemorate the launch of first completed liquefied natural gas heat exchanger manufactured at Manatee County facility
In his presentation at the World LP Gas Forum, Dockery will introduce YANMAR's latest technology for gas heat pump (GHP) systems, which are used for heating and cooling buildings.
The Next-Aire Packaged Gas Heat Pump (PGHP), commercialized with co-developers Southwest Gas, Las Vegas, and IntelliChoice Energy, Phoenix, Ariz., uses natural gas as its primary fuel, allowing users to avoid high kilowatt demands and time-of-use rates.
They are also the first company to purchase our newly available Integrated Gas Feed System and Off Gas Heat Exchanger Module, which we believe is the only offering of its kind in the marketplace today.
* After condensation and before cooling in the liquid- gas heat exchanger
cogeneration market following the purchase of its exhaust gas heat exchangers by two Indianapolis, Ind., combined heat and power (CHP) generator manufacturers.
Gas heat pump technology is moving so fast that complaints about inefficient electric units will soon become nothing more than a bad memory to builders who have been yearning for a better way to heat and cool their homes with a single appliance.
The company says this low-cost stainless steel heat recovery system, measuring 4,700mm x 200mm and weighing 31kg, is able to exploit flue gas heat without requiring any intermediate heat storage capacity or medium, contributing financial and environmental benefits through maximising energy efficiency.
Gas heat continued to dominate the new single-family home market.
Features: Hydraulic platen drive, vacuum and pressure forming capabilities, gas heat and auto load/unload available.