gas helmet

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Noun1.gas helmet - a protective mask with a filtergas helmet - a protective mask with a filter; protects the face and lungs against poisonous gases
mask - a protective covering worn over the face
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Some of these "surreal" figures could in fact be imagined in a real nightlife scene -- the person with the horse mask, for instance, a scantily dressed woman next to a creature in a gas helmet, and the topless couple in an intimate position.
In May we had been issued with a respirator which we tied over the mouth and nose, and we now had a gas helmet with a teat which we pulled down over our heads; it was proof enough against cloud gas which was used at this time but it was impossible to walk many yards with it on owing to the eyepieces becoming obscured.
We put our gas helmets on for a little while and it was twilight when we reached Clapham Junction.