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Noun1.gas line - a queue of vehicles waiting to purchase gasolinegas line - a queue of vehicles waiting to purchase gasoline
queue, waiting line - a line of people or vehicles waiting for something
2.gas line - a pipeline used to transport natural gas; "the workmen broke through the gas line"
pipeline, line - a pipe used to transport liquids or gases; "a pipeline runs from the wells to the seaport"
3.gas line - a pipe that carries gasoline from a tank to a gasoline engine; "the car wouldn't start because dirt clogged the gas line"
fuel system - equipment in a motor vehicle or aircraft that delivers fuel to the engine
pipage, pipe, piping - a long tube made of metal or plastic that is used to carry water or oil or gas etc.
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Summary: California [USA], July 16 (ANI): At least one person lost his life and 15 others were injured on Monday afternoon after a house exploded in Murrieta here while crews from Southern California Gas (SoCalGas) were working on fixing a faulty natural gas line.
ULO equipment, products and manpower onsite at Perenco's Lucina gas line in Gabon Offshore grouting services specialist, ULO Systems (ULO), has completed work on the Lucina gas line freespan correction campaign for Perenco.
A busy section of Army Trail Road in Glendale Heights was closed for around 9 1/2 hours Tuesday because of a broken gas line.
A new gas line with a length of 25 kilometers from the gas distribution station, located in the Hajigabul district, to the Janub power station in Shirvan is being laid in accordance with the program.
KARACHI -- President Saleem Parekh and Chairman of Publications Committee Sanaullah have said that the common gas line for industries and CNG stations is a 'hurdle in industrial production' and also the main cause behind low gas pressure being faced by industries of SITE frequently.
Two years ago I shifted to D-12, a new sector, and applied for a gas line. It is 2019, and I still do not have a gas connection.
VC Tech and Bear Communications are also the subjects of lawsuits alleging they were trying to carry out excavation work without knowing the exact location of an underground gas line, a line that was eventually ruptured after being hit by a drill.
EDT - The Contra Costa County Fire Protection District reported that approximately 4,000 people were evacuated from 1,400 homes, as Chevron workers try to reduce pressure in the at-risk gas line in Bay Point, California, Thursday, following a grass fire near the area.
He noted that following the acquisition deal of his company, in cooperation with Delek and Noble to acquire a 39% share of the gas of East the Mediterranean Gas company (IMG), the owner of the gas line extending between Ashkelon and Arish, the arbitration lawsuit will be waived.
According to the company's website, a third party supplier last month struck a gas line, knocking out service for about 250 customers in Lawrence.
Pakistan and Iran may initiate in September the much-awaited parleys on how to advance on the IP gas line project which was earlier shelved by the previous Nawaz Sharif government in June 2016.