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Adj.1.gas-filled - full of a gas
full - containing as much or as many as is possible or normal; "a full glass"; "a sky full of stars"; "a full life"; "the auditorium was full to overflowing"
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The explosion occurred when Naeem switched on the light of his gas-filled room, which shattered windows.
However, the gas-filled segment is projected to account for ~ 41.3% share in the global automotive shock absorbers market during the forecast period.
They were then safely escorted to the surface through half a mile of gas-filled tunnels while wearing Salvus escape breathing apparatus, which had been borrowed from the fire service.
Apollo Endosurgery announced Digestive Disease Week presentation of a meta analysis that concluded fluid-filled balloons, like the ORBERA Intragastric Balloon, have superior weight loss results to gas-filled balloons.
The Ministry is following modern medical techniques, Al-Shatti said, adding that there are many types of balloons, but the approved for liquid filled balloons are five (Orbera, ReShape, Spatz and Elipse), including the gas-filled balloon (Obalon).
An abdominal CT scan demonstrated a remarkably dilated sigmoid colon, multiple gas-filled cysts localized in the dilated intestinal wall, and diffuse pneumoperitoneum (Figure 3-5).
There are three types of gas-filled detectors, namely Geiger Mueller counters, proportional counters, and ionization counters.
Los Angeles: A gas-filled balloon co-piloted by an American and a Russian touched down safely in the waters off Mexico on Saturday, completing a week-long trans-Pacific flight that unofficially broke two world records, a spokeswoman said.
TINY plastic, gas-filled beads injected into the penis may be better than Viagra for treating impotence.
That was the second blast of a gas-filled auto cistern in the Bulgarian village of Ezerovo, in the district of the coastal city of Varna, for that day and it went off around 6.30 p.m.On the scene there were dozens of firemen still putting out the fire caused by the same cistern which had exploded earlier the same day.Around 4 p.m.