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an automobile that gets relatively few miles to the gallon.
gas′-guz`zling, adj.
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THE Lord Mayor of Newcastle has swapped his gas-guzzler for an electric Nissan Leaf mayoral limousine.
An LPG conversion is often the difference between consigning the old gas-guzzler to the scrapheap and turning it into a valuable motoring asset, which also has real value as a trade-in or when you sell it on.
I do not have a bicycle but I do have a car - not a gas-guzzler as Mr Kendall presumes, but a small Suzuki Alto, which I use only for essential journeys.
While walking, biking, and taking public transportation reflect a prudent use of the resources of God's creation, driving a gas-guzzler assumes that we are entitled to use as much of our natural resources as we want.
If you've been wavering about trading in your gas-guzzler under the wildly popular Cash for Clunkers program, it's time to stop procrastinating.
THIS sleek Peugeot looks like a gas-guzzler but is one of the French maker's most environmentally-friendly cars.
Design smarts and engine efficiency allow the Z06 to beat the gas-guzzler tax sometimes tacked onto the price of high-performance cars.
seems to have salvaged the sturdy Lada's future--despite its reputation as an uncomfortable gas-guzzler.
Even if you scrutinize those miles-per-gallon stickers slapped on the windows of new cars, you could still drive off the dealer's lot in a gas-guzzler.
What really irked them was that Katana is such a gas-guzzler it is followed everywhere by its own oil tanker, in case local supplies prove insufficient.
Priced at $97,400 for the sedan and $111,900 for the coupe with gas-guzzler tax included, and weighing in at 4,830 pounds for the sedan and 4,785 for the coupe, the S500 is one massive hunk of automobile.
After figuring the $2 permit, a 240-mile round trip in a 4x4 that gets eight miles to the gallon, towing fees for extracting this same gas-guzzler from the snow or mud, and possible legal fees to keep us from being incarcerated during the holidays for mistakenly cutting on private land, a single "free" tree can easily reach four figures.