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Boastfulness; bravado.

[French gasconnade, from Gascon, Gascon; see Gascon.]

gas′con·ade′ v.
gas′con·ad′er n.
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Lotte Hellinga writes on "Four Book Auctions of the Fifteenth Century," David McKitterick (librarian of Trinity College Cambridge) on "A New Beginning: The Sotheby Bankruptcy of 1836," John Collins (bookseller) on "William Edward Hurcomb, Goldsmith, Gasconader, Auctioneer, and Bankrupt." "Colleagues at Sotheby's" consists of short contributions by ten colleagues, including de Hamel's wife, Mette, whom he met at Sotheby's, and, finally, Sam Fogg (of the medieval art house of that name) writes on "The Provenance of the Bute Psalter."