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1. The part of the hind leg of a horse or related animal between the stifle and the hock.
2. gaskins Obsolete Galligaskins.

[Probably short for galligaskins.]
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He was clothed with tatters of old ship's canvas and old sea-cloth, and this extraordinary patchwork was all held together by a system of the most various and incongruous fastenings, brass buttons, bits of stick, and loops of tarry gaskin. About his waist he wore an old brass-buckled leather belt, which was the one thing solid in his whole accoutrement.
Donyel Gaskins Bacon joined the Defense Department in 2012 as a software engineer.
Garry Gaskins, an attorney at Drummond's law firm, represented the petitioner.
A court heard Khia Dawe deliberately steered to the left, hitting solicitor Patrick Gaskins after they had both been stuck in a traffic jam.
Vice president and global brand manager for JW Marriott Mitzi Gaskins explains Marriott International's mid-level luxury brand's three-year growth plan and reveals its new brand partners
The Gaskins repaired the damage in time to finish 15th in the Jack Frost Rally at the same venue a couple of weeks later, and once again they are entered in both Croft's annual winter rallies.
After winning an Emmy for his "Follow The Dream" advertising campaign during the 2000 Olympic Games, Rudy Gaskins was inspired to make his own dream of owning a creative services business a reality.
"To pretend it's not the good life would be lying--it is the good life," divulges fashion designer, equestrian, and part-time Hamptons resident Eric Gaskins. "That's the press the Hamptons gets, as a place of nirvana.
The Gaskins acquired the property in March 1986 from Max and Janet Sears for $250,000.
The Gaskins feature in the C4 series No Going Back on January 16.