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(găs′lĭt′) also gas·light·ed (-lī′tĭd)
1. Illuminated by gaslight.
2. Affected by or subjected to gaslighting.


lit by gas light



1. having illumination provided by burning gas: gaslit streets.
2. of or resembling a time, esp. the 1890s, when gaslight was widely used: the gaslit era.


[ˈgæslɪt] ADJcon alumbrado de gas
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The detective turned about and scrutinized us keenly; and through the gaslit mist I noticed that his hair was grizzled at the temples, and his face still cadaverous, from the wound that had nearly been his death.
Ditto fish & chip and ice cream shops with parlours, small cinemas in practically every street, cobbled streets, alleys and closes still gaslit and full of life and activity.
In retrospect, the boisterous entertainment culture of the 1860s, with its costume balls and gaslit cafes-concerts, seemed to announce a headlong can-can over the precipice, a veritablega/op infernal.
Hyde Park Picture House, in Leeds, the world's only surviving gaslit cinema which opened just after the outbreak of the First World War in 1914 and became popular broadcasting news bulletins and morale-boosting dramas, will get PS2.
Like Jack the Ripper of the 1880s gaslit London who murdered prostitutes in East End, Calcutta's "Stoneman" -- as he was called -- was never found by the police.
From our vantage point, his gaslit, fog-bound haunts may appear cozy and quaint, but in reality Holmes' setting represented a world buffeted by rapid change.
It's not only that, in hindsight, we know that both the "doll" and its maker are on their way out, but there's also the abrupt transition from the classic Baker Street milieu, with its soupy, gaslit backdrop, to the bucolic charms of life among England's gently rolling South Downs.
You can feel the 19th century here,'' Ramsey said, "and imagine the gaslit street.
One of the men called the other "Birdy" as they debated whether they should keep Kelly, and the girl saw what seemed to be the gaslit Bold Street of long ago with horse-drawn hansom cabs and cobbled roads.
They remembered the noise of gaslit streets, the steamy heat of tap-rooms, or the scorching sunshine of calm days at sea.
For millions of people, the postwar decade was one of icy nights in gaslit rooms, interminable queues, and meals composed of whale fat and tinned beef--the comically vile ingredients of a serious sacrifice that particular generation is unlikely to forget.
the second "half" of the tale), and (2) the backdrop for this fascination and pursuit, the crowded, gaslit city streets, which seem to provide the perfect environment for the stalking narrator's actions, if not the trigger for them (i.