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Noun1.gasmask - a protective mask with a filtergasmask - a protective mask with a filter; protects the face and lungs against poisonous gases
mask - a protective covering worn over the face
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Last week America was stunned when troubled loner Cruz stormed his former school while wearing a gasmask and carrying smoke grenades.
China alone might have Charles Dickens reaching for a gasmask and rewriting his now-passAaAaAeA@ descriptions of London's dirty air.
He was found wearing a gasmask and had two slingshots in his possession.
The argument runs that if the cost of a factory-smoke nuisance, for instance, is put on the homeowner rather than on the factory, and the cheapest way to avoid this cost is not for the homeowner to move or wear a gasmask but is for the factory to install a smoke-clearing device or cut down production, the homeowner will pay the factory to do this.
Some people have different mentalities for labour; they'll misunderstand and misuse equipment or not want to use full body harness or gasmask when working from heights and so on, or the company safety department is unqualified.
In addition, the gasmask user has to endure a heavy psychological burden because he has to trust the gasmask but no on-line system exists to warn him in case of gasmask failure.
When one of the astronauts notices a swastika-shaped structure in the distance, he's immediately dispatched by a figure in a World War II-era German army helmet, gasmask and greatcoat.
The same specious ' is- this- terror' debate was trotted out after a man in a gasmask and armour chose to start shooting at people in a cinema (" it's not terror, he's just mental") or in the aftermath of a neo- Nazi mass murder in Norway (" it's not terror, he's.
How many have heard live gunfire, handled a gasmask, tried on a metal helmet?
This is most apparent in Charlie Company (2008), in which a Cariou Rasta on a donkey is printed four times in a grid with slight variation in size ("an homage to Warhol's style," per Prince's affidavit), with white ovular "lozenges" painted over his eyes, nose, and mouth, resembling a gasmask.
The most powerful example of this strategy is when Whale places a gasmask from World War One on Boone, the latter having decided to pose nude for Whale in order to reinvigorate his friend's artistic powers.
My abiding memories of my time there are of marching round the infants' classroom singing "Bobby Shafto" during gasmask practice, using old Victorian slates on occasion due the wartime paper shortage, and trying to catch the parachutes that used to come down into the playground from time to time when Standard Fireworks up at Crosland Hill were test firing their parachute flares.