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Noun1.gasoline pump - a pump in a service station that draws gasoline from underground storage tanksgasoline pump - a pump in a service station that draws gasoline from underground storage tanks
pump - a mechanical device that moves fluid or gas by pressure or suction
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An old-fashioned desk calendar will give your workplace a dose of vintage, while the gasoline pump clock will be a good accent to your living area.
Consumer price inflation is expected to drop slightly below target following a modest decline in gasoline pump prices over the past month.
All service fee exemptions will be considered on an individual basis and will be left to the discretion of the gasoline pump manager.
The country's oil industry players advise an increase of P0.80 per liter in gasoline pump prices this week, and P0.55 per liter for diesel and kerosene, owing mainly to movements in global prices.
Rex mixer; four-cylinder Continental Engine drum drive; old gasoline pump with nozzle to add water; and, hand-operated steel wheel on rear to operate discharge opening gate.
Garden Grove, CA, July 16, 2014 --( Saint-Gobain Seals' Rulon[R] 123 fluoropolymer material was recently qualified in a metering pump application for a renowned gasoline pump manufacturer in Europe.
CarCharging has installed the high-voltage devices, some dressed up to mimic a gasoline pump, in underground parking garages, where drivers plug in and pay for the electricity through a device that resembles a credit card.
Ethanol producers have blamed the volatility of ethanol credit markets, known as Rins, on opposition to allowing ethanol blends higher than 10 per cent at the gasoline pump.
-- Consumer sentiment surged to its highest level in more than four years as Americans felt better about the job market and welcomed a drop in prices at the gasoline pump, the latest Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan poll of shoppers found.
William Daley spoke just before a survey showed the second-largest two-week rise in gasoline pump prices ever.
Womack said he thinks the council needs to actively pursue the water gasoline pump.
in New Mexico, a note taped to the gasoline pump read, Hold tight to