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Noun1.gasoline station - a service station that sells gasolinegasoline station - a service station that sells gasoline
service station - a station where gasoline and oil are sold and facilities are available for repairing or maintaining automobiles
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is the leading publicly-traded real estate investment trust in the United States specialising in the ownership, leasing and financing of convenience store and gasoline station properties.
North Aurora officials told a Batavia man they like the idea of having a drive-up coffee shop where a gasoline station was once located.
After taking some rest Ali Yunus Kaya and his friends turned back to ystparta, but, when Ali Yunus Kaya was driving his car to car washing center he stopped at a gasoline station and surprised when he realized a snake inside the engine section of the car.
The ban was imposed in the second half of 2013 but was eventually lifted after six months following complaints from gasoline station owners and tissue manufacturers of the heavy financial losses they were incurring due to the ban.
A gasoline station in the western Tokyo district of Kunitachi is one of those auto service-related businesses which has started offering car rentals.
is planning to sell its gasoline station operations in Japan as the nation's demand for gasoline has fallen due to demographic changes and diffusion of energy-saving vehicles, industry sources said Friday.
SULAIMANIYA / Aswat al-Iraq: Fires erupted in a gasoline station in central the al-Sulaimaniya city, without any confirmed reports about damage or injuries.
(Atlantic Economic Journal, 2007) estimate a model for prices from a gasoline station in West Virginia to examine the supposed phenomenon that stations raise prices on Friday and then lower them on Tuesday.
Summary: Gasoline stations shut across the Gaza Strip on Sunday as Israel continued to provide only restricted quantities of fuel to the Hamas-run territory, industry officials and witnesses said."Sorry, no fuel, no benzine, no petrol," read a typical sign posted at one gasoline station in Gaza City."All stations in Gaza have been shut down.
The Borklunds have had more than their share of run-ins with criminals because of their work at a gasoline station. Bill owned the station for about five years before leasing it; Joshua works for the new owner.
Shell Hydrogen recently announced the opening of a new hydrogen dispenser at a retail gasoline station in Washington, DC to service a fleet of six fuel cell vehicles from the General Motors Corporation (GM).