gasoline tank

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Noun1.gasoline tank - a tank for holding gasoline to supply a vehiclegasoline tank - a tank for holding gasoline to supply a vehicle
fuel system - equipment in a motor vehicle or aircraft that delivers fuel to the engine
storage tank, tank - a large (usually metallic) vessel for holding gases or liquids
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Her interior was wholly rebuilt, so that the hold became main-cabin and staterooms, while abaft amidships were installed engines, a dynamo, an ice machine, storage batteries, and, far in the stern, gasoline tanks.
Chief Andy Louden with the Corvallis Fire Department said the man no longer was on fire when crews arrived, but firefighters had to put out flames on a nearby gasoline tank.
There were miles of gasoline tank trucks that needed refills, but could not get paid," the report cited Kubecka.
4) The Outlander PHEV's 1500W AC100V power feeder will supply enough electrical power to meet normal domestic requirements for a day from a fully charged battery, and up to 10 days power with a full gasoline tank.
Additionally, the Jasson Ratchet allows its users to avoid having to use torches near a vehicle's gasoline tank.
An October 2012 EPA inspection revealed that leak detection inspections were not conducted for seven diesel fuel tanks, ranging in capacity from 8,000 to 20,000 gallons; five tanks storing jet fuel, ranging from 10,000 to 30,000 gallons; and one 10,000-gallon gasoline tank.
6-gallon gasoline tank, the test Durango could go nearly 500 miles on a single tank, at a cost of just over $80.
329 miles) on CNG and, because there could be a potential problem finding a CNG station, the Zafira Tourer has a 14-liter gasoline tank that is good for an additional 150-km range (93 miles).
In late 2008 a fire destroyed a gasoline tank and left one security guard dead in Pertamina's depot in Jakarta.
2 gallons of gasoline and an eight-gallon reserve gasoline tank.
Over 13 requests were submitted to the INIC booth mainly related to water and oil filters, anti-stain and anti-dust car body coatings, engine electric and thermal insulation strengthening, production of high strength composite parts, hood and gasoline tank insulations.
All cars still have a gasoline tank that can be used in emergency or for back up.