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"All right!" answered the Saw-Horse, gruffly, and dashed away so suddenly that Tip had to gasp for breath and hold firmly to the post he had driven into the creature's neck.
Also, Bwikov has an aunt who is at her last gasp through old age, and may die before our departure.
For those things, whose unmanageableness, even when represented on paper, makes one gasp with a sort of amused horror, were manned by men who are his direct professional ancestors.
Marilla snatched at it with a gasp. It was the amethyst brooch, hanging to a thread of the lace by its catch!
She was almost at the last gasp, but began kicking once more.
Her sister gave a gasp of horror, and stood with a clutch at Monica's arm, staring in the same direction.
"I -- I couldn't marry Bill, you know, Jane," she managed to gasp. "Why, such an idea never occurred to me -- never!"
He felt that the mare was at her very last reserve of strength; not her neck and shoulders merely were wet, but the sweat was standing in drops on her mane, her head, her sharp ears, and her breath came in short, sharp gasps. But he knew that she had strength left more than enough for the remaining five hundred yards.
She gasped once or twice as she tried to answer him, and then began, speaking low, and swiftly.
"What is it?" gasped Ned, while Goosal fell on his knees and began fervently to pray.
"My stars and stockings!" gasped Nancy, hurrying on again.
it's giving," gasped Sir Henry; and I heard the muscles of his great back cracking.