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As part of the procedure, Stavrou performed gastric resection and anastomosis, a process that restores communication between the two portions of the intestine after removal of the problem affecting the area.
The Roux-en-Y reconstruction performed after laparoscopic gastric resection leads to the formation of novel spaces in the abdomen.
In patients with inoperable tumours not suitable for gastric resection and bypass only biopsy was obtained.
3) is performed on the rear wall of the stomach along its greater curvature, 2 cm above the gastric resection line.
In all 5 cases reported, a limited gastric resection under general anaesthetic was carried out, and the approach was varied according to the disposition of the tumour.
Automated image analysis of HER2/neu expression in the gastric resection cases returned a negative value in 24 cases (89%), an intermediate value in 2 cases (7%), and a positive value in 1 case (4%).
They can opt for a gastric resection making them eat less.
Gastric resection as a component of bariatric surgery, which results in increased reflux of alkaline bile into the gastric lumen, may also lead to increased pH and bacterial colonization.
In naive patient with gastric carcinoma, only 50% undergo gastric resection because of advanced disease and 60% will have either local or distant relapse.