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 (găs′trə-nŏm′ĭk) also gas·tro·nom·i·cal (-ĭ-kəl)
Of or relating to gastronomy.

gas′tro·nom′i·cal·ly adv.
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[ˌgæstrəˈnɒmɪklɪ] advgastronomicamente
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Priced at 1100, the prawn sarong was both aesthetically and gastronomically pleasing.
One of my new epic poems, "From Holland to Singapore," scopes the entire island of Singapore and the changes that have transformed the city not just physically but linguistically (the different names of streets and constituencies) and also gastronomically (the increase of world cuisines as a nod to greater cosmopolitanism).
"There is invariably a gastronomically themed way of expressing almost any situation."
The tree-lighting ceremony also marks the start of the hotel's Yuletide promotions as it rolls out its most exciting and best value-for-money deals yet, ranging from gastronomically delightful Christmas buffet selections, mouthwatering seasonal treats readily available as gifts to glamour-themed New Year's Eve party and more!
Quade's dinner engaged us on many levels, not just gastronomically but also psychologically.
A year isn't enough to explore this aesthetically, culturally and gastronomically effervescent city, let alone a week's vacation.
| 52 King Street, Manchester, M2 4LY | | 0161 694 8585 Levanter and Baratxuri, Ramsbottom This Spanish double header of top class tapas venues is out in Ramsbottom, Bury - one of Greater Manchester's most gastronomically pleasing enclaves.
But well and truly before the bard's mastery over the famous 'banquet scene' could enrich our intellectual landscape, I had been enriched -- gastronomically -- by our very own luncheon banquet in the heart of London.
Manila society is constantly on the know with 'what's new' on the restaurant scene and on trying out the hottest restaurants in town; and fittingly enough, the Best Restaurant Guide BRG 2018 is an annual dining guide that features everything one gastronomically needs, from the most excellent wine to the finest in dining.
It means in Birmingham you are not exactly in exile, either professionally, socially or gastronomically. Just be aware, it ain't that far.
Pastry is actually a highly technically demanding discipline and as Gareth Ward's treacle tart at Ynyshir in Wales proves (it is made with miso, wagyu beef fat, blackened breadcrumbs), dessert can be seriously, gastronomically ambitious.