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Penny Smith is a practicing potter, writer, open-hearth gastronomist, wild-food forager, researching the production and use of clay cooking pots from cultures around the world (claycookers.
He said his food ethos has been inspired by molecular gastronomist Heston Blumenthal and he says he is the first Indian chef to use the science in his cooking.
Summary: Renowned Lebanese gastronomist Chef Ramzi launched a new food application, bringing some of the country's culinary traditions to the convenience of a touch screen.
The "pasta al pomodoro" (pasta with tomato sauce) and other Italian culinary specialties that are considered today traditional Italian dishes, owe their national dimension and status to the work of this gastronomist, writer and retired merchant who collected culinary information over long years and numerous travels.
Resident residence expert Jane Ziegelman, author of 97 Orchard joins historic gastronomist Sarah Lohman and regular historian Suzanne Wasserman for strudel-making and Manischewitz cocktails.
He was labelled a molecular gastronomist, though he dislikes the term.
This jet-setting gastronomist is enthusiastic about Navarra, but spends much of her time organizing wine tastings and culinary events in other regions of Spain and internationally.
Her 1949 translation of French gastronomist Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin's The Physiology of Taste is regarded as the definitive English version.
The molecular gastronomist tries to persuade hospital bosses and staff that processed fast food straight out of a packet isn't the way forward, and gets the kids to eat his new food creations, which include protein-packed worms on pizza.
The molecular gastronomist returned this week with a new series of Heston's Feasts (Channel 4, Tuesday, 9pm) creating fanciful banquets from history and fiction.
I consider Wylie [Dufresne, Executive Chef and Owner of WD-50] a molecular gastronomist because he wants to know how things work on a molecular level.