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n. pl.1.(Zool.) A group of small wormlike animals, having cilia on the ventral side. The group is regarded as an ancestral or synthetic one, related to rotifers and annelids.
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The rest of taxa: nauplii larvae, gastrotrichs, kinorhynchs, polychaetes, oligochaetes and cumaceans exhibited low relative abundances (below 1%) and scarce taxonomic representation.
Protists, nematodes, rotifers, small crustaceans, tardigrades, gastrotrichs, turbellarians, oligochaetes, and insect larvae are regularly found from psammon habitats (Thane-Fenchel, 1968; Whitman and Clark, 1984; Schmid-Araya, 1998, Kotwicki et al.
Molecular phylogenies sometimes recover other groups such as rotifers and gastrotrichs nested within the core lophotrochozoans (e.
The absence of a true midpiece evolved convergently in different metazoan phyla such as gastrotrichs (Marotta et al.
A test of this idea might be to look for the expression of members of this gene family in the pharyngeal pores of macrodasyid gastrotrichs (Ruppert and Barnes, 1994) to see if the gene is responsible for pores or openings in the pharynx in general, rather than having an expression that is specific to deuterostome gill pores.