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adj.1.entering a gathering uninvited; as, gate-crashing guests disrupted the party.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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LEINSTER insist their Champions Cup heartbreak can be forgotten in time for Munster gate-crashing the RDS.
The purpose of the cop's gate-crashing could not be ascertained as yet.
When Nina Collins (Anna Kendrick), a fellow member of a chronic pain support group, commits suicide, Claire develops a new addiction - gate-crashing the grief of Nina's husband Roy (Sam Worthington).
A manager at a top golf hotel was sacked after drunkenly gate-crashing a star bash.
The second episode captures another, even weirder side of small town American life as Leslie (Amy Poehler, inset) tries to prove she's just one of the guys by gate-crashing the all-male office hunting trip.
No one else could get away with gate-crashing an interview, revealing they had plyed Andy's Mum with drink and then claiming that Scotland had invented the world.
CIARAN Clark admits he needs more game time at Villa if he is to achieve his aim of gate-crashing Ireland's Euro 2012 squad.
GEORDIE double act Ant and Dec will today be "gate-crashing" as many television and radio programmes as they can to raise money for Comic Relief.
But after the infamous gate-crashing incident of the Salahis in November last year, the Indian embassy distanced itself from the event.
For Reading it will feel like a defeat and ends any faint hopes of gate-crashing the play-off party as they can no longer overhaul sixth-placed Swansea.
gate-crashing couple from entering the White House and attending a state
This gate-crashing lark was led by breathless presenter Nick Knowles, the star of daytime telly who should really stay there.