gated community

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gat·ed community

A subdivision or neighborhood, often surrounded by a barrier, to which entry is restricted to residents and their guests.
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résidence protégée
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Coral Springs, FL, May 22, 2019 --( JDGerdeman believes this document will provide food for thought in the environment of the Gated Community. Further JDGerdeman says the process of allowing an access into a Gated Community has many aspects.
Beaumont House is in a newly-built gated community in Whitley Willows with close (but not too close!) transport links via the A642 connecting Huddersfield and Wakefield.
The exclusive gated community is surrounded by a global award winning 18-hole championship golf course with a 7-star clubhouse, as well as a unique family sports and leisure facility," said Charles Biele, CEO of Real Estate Development Company (RED) in KAEC.
by Madiha Asif/ [email protected] Zain Property Development has recently opened its door to a new gated community project, Dar al Zain which is located in Maabela.
The 'gated community' initiative is to improve security.
Following the Gulf News report on Wednesday about the move to make the gated community in Al Quoz a paid parking zone , the RTA issued a press release confirming the details.
It is worth noting that the definition of "common parts" under the Apartments Law covers such matters as the foundations, walls, pipes, ventilation, cooling and heating systems of a "building"; so that it is questionable whether said requirements would also cover the maintenance of internal sidewalks (including street lamps and lighting), parks, swimming pools, gyms, and other facilities more commonly found in a gated community.
Beside this, the answers of these questions might be useful for the management of gated communities to manage the concerning gated community more efficiently.
Medyar is another large sized gated community in the pipeline in Damour.

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