gather together

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safna saman

w>gather together

vt sepeinsammeln; one’s belongings, bookszusammenpacken; peopleversammeln; teamzusammenstellen; animalszusammentreiben; to gather oneself togetherzu sich kommen; (for jump etc) → sich bereit machen (for zu)


(ˈgӕðə) verb
1. to (cause to) come together in one place. A crowd of people gathered near the accident.
2. to learn (from what has been seen, heard etc). I gather you are leaving tomorrow.
3. to collect or get. He gathered strawberries from the garden; to gather information.
4. to pull (material) into small folds and stitch together. She gathered the skirt at the waist.
a fold in material, a piece of clothing etc.
ˈgathering noun
a meeting of people. a family gathering.
gather round
to come together around a person, thing etc. Will everyone please gather round?
gather together
to come or bring together, in a group. He gathered his books and papers together.
References in classic literature ?
So now people begged Macpherson to travel through the Highlands and gather together as much of the old poetry of the people as he could.
You must try and gather together the threads again.
Many of them have to rake and scrape a long time to gather together the ten dollars their steamer passage costs, and when one of them gets back he is a bankrupt forever after.
Lady Carey, pale and bored, with tired, swollen eyes - they were always a little prominent - rose languidly and began to gather together her belongings.
Their time for repose and recreation is at sunset, when the labors of the day being ended, they gather together to amuse themselves with petty games, or to hold gossiping convocations on the tops of their lodges.
Whenever they wished to warm themselves, they would gather together a little dry wormwood, apply the match, and in an instant produce a cheering blaze.
In the solar model, the ices that form in the interstellar cloud don't initially gather together but turn to vapor as they become part of the disk of gas and dust around the young sun.
They will receive stipends and travel funds to gather together with leading humanities scholars, innovative master teachers and museum staff to develop powerful lesson plans relating to industrialization.
the civil rights leader who dreamed that one day, everyone would gather together to make a better world for all.
Typically they gather together a group of individuals whose function is to represent, interpret, pretend, or act.
Toronto, dozens of chattering, nervous little girls in long white cotton gowns with blue sashes gather together with a smattering of boys in varied costumes.