gather together

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safna saman

w>gather together

vt sepeinsammeln; one’s belongings, bookszusammenpacken; peopleversammeln; teamzusammenstellen; animalszusammentreiben; to gather oneself togetherzu sich kommen; (for jump etc) → sich bereit machen (for zu)
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(ˈgӕðə) verb
1. to (cause to) come together in one place. A crowd of people gathered near the accident.
2. to learn (from what has been seen, heard etc). I gather you are leaving tomorrow.
3. to collect or get. He gathered strawberries from the garden; to gather information.
4. to pull (material) into small folds and stitch together. She gathered the skirt at the waist.
a fold in material, a piece of clothing etc.
ˈgathering noun
a meeting of people. a family gathering.
gather round
to come together around a person, thing etc. Will everyone please gather round?
gather together
to come or bring together, in a group. He gathered his books and papers together.
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References in classic literature ?
So now people begged Macpherson to travel through the Highlands and gather together as much of the old poetry of the people as he could.
"You must try and gather together the threads again.
Nursultan Nazarbayev called on presidents of the USA, Russia, China and other countries to gather together in the capital of our country.
In just a few hours, Jews around the world will gather together at their Seder tables.
Murmurations can see up to 100,000 of the birds gather together with the natural wonder taking place all over the UK.
It is the first attempt to gather together a body of work by the artist from all periods of his life.
The finest names in science broadcasting will gather together to discuss dark matter, black holes and the big bang.
Groups of volunteers will gather together to pick up trash like plastic bottles, wrappers, and any other daily waste that people throw away.
gather together to sow the seeds of future endeavors.