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gate 1

1. A structure that can be swung, drawn, or lowered to block an entrance or a passageway.
a. An opening in a wall or fence for entrance or exit.
b. The structure surrounding such an opening, such as the monumental or fortified entrance to a palace or walled city.
a. A doorway or walkway in a terminal, as at an airport, through which passengers proceed when embarking or disembarking.
b. A waiting area inside a terminal, abutting such a doorway or walkway.
4. A means of access: the gate to riches.
5. A mountain pass.
6. The total paid attendance or admission receipts at a public event: a good gate at the football game.
7. A device for controlling the passage of water or gas through a dam or conduit.
8. The channel through which molten metal flows into a shaped cavity of a mold.
9. Sports A passage between two upright poles through which a skier must go in a slalom race.
10. A logic gate.
tr.v. gat·ed, gat·ing, gates
1. Chiefly British To confine (a student) to the grounds of a college as punishment.
2. Electronics To select part of (a wave) for transmission, reception, or processing by magnitude or time interval.
3. To furnish with a gate: "The entrance to the rear lawn was also gated" (Dean Koontz).
get the gate Slang
To be dismissed or rejected.
give (someone) the gate Slang
1. To discharge from a job.
2. To reject or jilt.

[Middle English, from Old English geat.]

gate 2

n. Archaic
1. A path or way.
2. A particular way of acting or doing; manner.

[Middle English, from Old Norse gata; see ghē- in Indo-European roots.]
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(ˈgeɪ tɪŋ)

the process by which a channel in a cell membrane opens or closes.
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A casting process modeling program was initiated to investigate the effect of runner design on metal flow turbulence and air entrainment in a horizontal sand runner and gating design.
Both series can be actuated with hydraulics or pneumatics and come with small-profile nozzles for smaller parts or hard-to-reach gating surfaces.
The creation of thin-wall iron castings requires a delicate balance of proper metal chemistry, inoculation practice, gating design and molding and core materials, which may be why many metalcasting facilities have been slow to adopt these practices and move toward thinner castings.
Stress levels in the gating under removal loads also were predicted.
When appearance is a priority, as in cosmetics packaging, gating from the back of the substrate via a pin is preferred since it hides gate blemishes on the TPE.
Goulds Pumps eliminated the guesswork in sprue cup design by testing its gating systems with computer simulations.
After 10 years of commercial availability, SVG is gaining favor as an alternative to traditional valve gating and thermal gating methods.
Four members of the AFS Iron Gating and Risering Committee (5-M) faced these realities in a 1996 Casting Congress panel presentation that produced four distinct approaches to rigging a hypothetical ductile iron hub casting [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED].
Standard single-drop nozzles in three styles: Type-1 nozzles used where gate vestige is critical to appearance, or to minimize stringing or drooling;Type-2 nozzles for viscous materials when gate vestige is not critical, or when gating into a runner; and Type-3 valve gate nozzles for highly cosmetic gates, or when higher flow rates are needed.
An integrated filtration gating system leads Waupaca Foundry to vast quality improvements in its gray and ductile iron castings.
Mold-Masters rolled out its new Flex-Series of custom systems for large automotive parts or sequential valve gating. Runner diameters are from 6 to 18 mm and nozzle lengths run up to 900 mm.
The basic objective of good gating design centers on hydraulics, the study of liquids in motion.