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n. pl. gau·chos
1. A cowboy of the South American pampas.
2. gauchos Calf-length pants with flared legs.

[American Spanish, probably from Quechua wáhcha, poor person, orphan, vagabond.]


n, pl -chos
a cowboy of the South American pampas, usually one of mixed Spanish and Indian descent
[C19: from American Spanish, probably from Quechuan wáhcha orphan, vagabond]


(ˈgaʊ tʃoʊ)

n., pl. -chos.
a cowboy of the South American pampas.
[1815–25; < American Spanish < Arawak cachu comrade]
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Noun1.gaucho - a cowboy of the South American pampasgaucho - a cowboy of the South American pampas
cowboy, cowhand, cowherd, cowman, cowpoke, cowpuncher, puncher, cattleman - a hired hand who tends cattle and performs other duties on horseback


A. ADJgauchesco
B. Ngaucho m


nGaucho m
References in classic literature ?
During the evening a great number of Gauchos came in to drink spirits and smoke cigars: their appearance is very striking; they are generally tall and handsome, but with a proud and dissolute expression of countenance.
The Gauchos roared with laughter; they cried out that they had seen every sort of animal caught, but had never before seen a man caught by himself.
When in this state the meat is, of course, quite uneatable; but the Gauchos assert, that if buried for some time in fresh earth, the taint is removed.
This tameness may probably be accounted for, by the Jaguar having been banished for some years, and by the Gaucho not thinking it worth his while to hunt them.
Theirs was the spirit which upheld Darwin among the gauchos of the Argentine or Wallace among the head-hunters of Malaya.
Los indios, peligro continuo, salvajes, aun mas que los gauchos.
Leyenda: Figura 6: Los gauchos de Antonio Gil con indumentarias celestes y coloradas.
At night, the nomadic gauchos gathered to roast meat over an open fire pit of mesquite, sharing tasty grilled meat and stoA[degrees] ries of the day's adventures.
In Los gauchipoliticos rioplantenses, Angel Rama demonstrates that gauchesque poetry was not written by gauchos but rather by a certain lettered elite who for various reasons had knowledge of the gauchos and their way of life.
He also struck out 10 for the Gauchos, who avoided being swept by the Ducks in the three-game series.
At a lunch we sat under a painting of one of General Rosa's gauchos, by Raymond Monvoison, a follower of Delacroix.
Por lo tanto, se podria determinar, con Hacking, que los gauchos no existian, o no existian de la misma manera, antes de comenzar a ser asi clasificados, es decir, aproximadamente a partir de 1845, (11) y que su existencia con los rasgos que tomo entonces fue posible cuando esa clasificacion se extendio y cobro un sentido preciso, con la publicacion del Facundo y, todavia mas, luego de la caida de Rosas en 1852.