1. A sweet, crisp wafer often served with creamy desserts such as mousse or ice cream.
2. A latticed wafer made of fried potatoes, often layered with toppings and served as an appetizer.

[French, from Old French, little waffle : gaufre, honeycomb, waffle (of Germanic origin; see webh- in Indo-European roots) + -ette, feminine of -et, diminutive suffix; see -et.]
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Friday's and Chili's, to crepes at La Gaufrette and good old Italia pizza at Uno Chicago Grill, its fab food is definitely worth waiting for.
The company also has its own Indian brand restaurant, Zafran, as well as joint ventures with Ushna, The Meat Company, La Gaufrette and Bazerkan.
It has joint ventures with Ushna, The Meat Company, La Gaufrette and Bazerkan, and another recent addition was Max Burger, of Swedish origin.
The dinner menu: appetizer: pan-seared scallop wrapped in pancetta with a fried risotto cake and red pepper coulis; salad: arugula, cucumbers, tomatoes, potato gaufrette and goat cheese with blood orange vinaigrette; entree: filet mignon with braised greens, potato confit and pomegranate demi-glace; dessert: chocolate panna cotta with seasonal fruit compote.
Foodmark, its food and beverage division has joint ventures with The Meat Company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Kuwait, as well as with Ushna in Abu Dhabi and La Gaufrette and Bazerkan in Dubai.
Besides retail, the group has also diversified in the leisure, food and hospitality segments with Fun City, Gourmet Station, Spaces, Citymax Hotels and Foodmark - the restaurant division which operates franchise brands like Mango Tree, Mango Tree Bistro, The Meat Company, Carluccio's, La Gaufrette, Bazerkan and Ushna.- TradeArabia News Service
Anna wears spot pounds 52, pale pink T-shirt with handbag design, pounds 38, both Lili Gaufrette. SPRINGTIME Anna wears No- l- ita Pocket white blouse, pounds 50, No- l- ita and white skirt, pounds 64.
I made gaufrette potatoes, which you make on a mandoline.
Their main dish was Dover sole stuffed with chestnut mushrooms wrapped in savoy cabbage with gaufrette potato and hollandaise sauce.
In addition, Globe offers over 40 cutting discs, which replicate most hand-cutting styles, including tedious gaufrette and brunoise cuts.
Globe offers 40 cutting discs that replicate virtually any hand-cutting style, including gaufrette and brunoise.