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also gag·er  (gā′jər)
1. One that gauges.
2. Chiefly British A revenue officer who inspects bulk goods subject to duty.
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(ˈɡeɪdʒə) or


1. a person or thing that gauges
2. (Commerce) chiefly Brit a customs officer who inspects bulk merchandise, esp liquor casks, for excise duty purposes
3. (Commerce) a collector of excise taxes
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(ˈgeɪ dʒər)

1. a person or thing that gauges.
2. a customs official, collector of excise taxes, or the like.
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President Trump's former long-time attorney Michael Cohen hired RedFinch Solutions, a small IT company owned by John Gauger, the chief information officer at Liberty University in Virginia, where evangelical leader and Trump supporter Jerry Falwell Jr., is president, to fix early polls by CNBC and Drudge in order to favor then-candidate Trump, reports the Wall Street Journal.
The Journal said Cohen commissioned John Gauger, who runs RedFinch Solutions, to write a computer script to repeatedly vote for Trump in a February 2015 Drudge Report poll on potential Republican candidates.
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