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adj. gauz·i·er, gauz·i·est
Resembling gauze, as in thinness or translucency: "the gauzy grey steam of early morning" (Anita Desai). See Synonyms at airy.

gauz′i·ly adv.
gauz′i·ness n.
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Here is the real instressing of the sonnet, less in raising up the "bone-house" to the gauziness of the "mounting spirit" it putatively encloses than in retaining the body's heft and haecceitas in resurrection.
For a data-addict the likes of Yarmo, such caginess had the opposite of the desired effect and he had noticed a curious lack of the usual documentational intensity with respect to Elvis, like an artistically rendered black and white photograph, a gauziness that the photographer had purposely built into the composition.
Despite this familial connection, the book only occasionally lapses into the rose-colored gauziness common to memoirs.