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adj. gawk·i·er, gawk·i·est
Awkward; ungainly.

gawk′i·ly adv.
gawk′i·ness n.


adv move, walkschlaksig, staksig (inf)
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The German fell gawkily as the barbell landed on top of him, and medical personnel rushed to his aid.
He's generally to be found moving gawkily across the stage, all elbows, wrists and shoulder blades, frequently slumping against microphone stands and amps as if the effort of his performance is too much for his slender frame to maintain.
A caricature, de Duve admitted; nevertheless, it seemed reborn in one of Chris Evans's goading contributions to Store's exhibition: An Anonymous Submission to the Exhibition "Tutor with an Idea," 2007, a gawkily modeled plaster sculpture of a human arm, crooked at the elbow and gesturing campily with a crumpled cigar.