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adj. gawk·i·er, gawk·i·est
Awkward; ungainly.

gawk′i·ly adv.
gawk′i·ness n.


adv move, walkschlaksig, staksig (inf)
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Up to ankles in sedge grass, a discouraged heron gawkily aims for a higher floor then gives a raspy cluck, declaiming in bird-speak, "There goes the neighborhood." I want to embrace this scene for all its good, yet how, with you hotel-bound, coughing, bedridden?
The German fell gawkily as the barbell landed on top of him, and medical personnel rushed to his aid.
A gawkily handsome man, he would probably seem a boy until he was forty and then he'd retreat into bony limbs and wrinkles.
He's generally to be found moving gawkily across the stage, all elbows, wrists and shoulder blades, frequently slumping against microphone stands and amps as if the effort of his performance is too much for his slender frame to maintain.